As well as an adventure, the Argentina Trophy is above all an event which is shaped throughout the year. It requires diligent preparation and asks for real organisation. In fact, participating in the rally is an ambitious and formative undertaking for all the participants, who throw themselves into the adventure of their lives.

Preparing for the rally is a real opportunity as it requires true project management which allows participants to professionalise their adventure and thereby add value to their experience.

It all begins with administration management: creating their charity represents an important step which is aimed at legitimising their different activities. They have to come up with a name for the charity and arrange its statutes in order to have a dossier to give to the prefecture. After this comes setting up their bank account for approaching future sponsors.

What’s more, drawing up a budget is essential for participating in the rally. It comprises different categories: insurance, communications, funds required for the rally etc. In fact, the crews are encouraged to manage their own budgets throughout and thereby look after their accounts carefully as the rally is about preparing, but above all, budgeting.

The Trophyists therefore establish a budget which is a reference for them as they look for funds. They are encouraged to put together a partnership dossier in order to present their undertaking and convince businesses to join with them in their adventures. Thus, the participants canvass businesses and thereby follow their own commercial strategy. Being encouraged to set up meetings and negotiate and thus come face to face with the professional world is a truly educational experience.

The business side of things is therefore ever-present as they prepare for this event. However, other elements are important and formative, such as communications for example. This tool has now become a key way of increasing visibility, the effect of which is doubled as it applies both to the crews, who have to create their own visual identity, and also to the visibility of crew partners.

herefore, it’s important to create efficient communications materials and this especially involves managing social media. The crews can also prepare a press pack for communications in order to spread their message to the maximum number of people.

Events can be organised too, such as publicity efforts and fundraising. The crews now begin to manage a project centring on an event.