Children of the Desert, set up in 2005, aims to make education accessible to all children in the south east of Morocco.

Learning to read, write and count: rights for everyone!” is the charity’s motto.

Given the correlation between health and living standards when it comes to accessing education, the charity’s main working areas have been extended in order to take a holistic approach to supporting children. The charity’s four priority areas are: education, health, sustainable development and sponsorship.

With the creation of a new long-distance rally, Children of the Desert has started to work in Argentina over the last 3 years. The charity helps disabled children in the Salta region, in partnership with the Equinoterapia Del Azul Foundation, through equine therapy.

For 10 years, the charity has fought to improve the children’s everyday lives and the results are conclusive, in both Morocco and Argentina.

Here are some examples of projects completed by the charity:

  • Building 15 schools and 8 toilet blocks at the schools
  • Creating 5 children’s gardens at nurseries and a sports ground
  • Equipping more than 200,000 children with school supplies and sports equipment
  • Monthly support for about 160 children through sponsorship
  • Organising 5 major surgical operations
  • Organising 6 medical caravans
  • Drilling 3 wells and equipping more than 60 homes with solar panels
  • €40,000 of financial support, allowing the Equinoterapia Del Azul Foundation to extend its activities and making it possible for more children to access therapies.