The name alone makes you dream the moment you hear it: Argentina. A destination as far away as it is attractive. At the start of the 20th century, three weeks on a paddle steamer were required to reach Buenos Aires from the European coast. By sailing boat, it took three months. The jet plane has completely changed how long it takes to make a big journey. But Argentina, its wide open plains, its gauchos, its art of living and its new world flavour still stir imaginations fuelled with stories and images of those “who have done it”.

This is what awaits participants aged 18 to 30 in the first edition of the Argentina Trophy. In a Chevrolet Corsa, a car found everywhere in Argentina and a tall vehicle which can go anywhere, they will hit the road, travelling west with the Mendoza and Cordoba regions in view. Guided by compasses, road-books and a map, they’ll sometimes take the wrong track. They’ll find themselves alone with the immense South American scenery stretching out before them. Have an intoxicating taste of a unique adventure. Then meet up at the camp around local dishes. They’ll help each other to progress. They’ll make sure to choose their route well, without rushing, as the competition is not won with speed, but by sticking closely to the information in the road-book. They will experience a charity day with children from the “Night Flight” charity. When everything is over, they will take a bit of time to put their adventure into words. But they will be left with just one desire: to begin all over again.

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