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2018 Edition

The name alone makes you dream the moment you hear it: Argentina.

A destination as far away as it is attractive.

At the start of the 20th century, three weeks on a paddle steamer were required to reach Buenos Aires from the European coast. By sailing boat, it took three months. The jet plane has completely changed how long it takes to make a big journey. But Argentina, its wide open plains, its gauchos, its art of living and its new world flavour still stir imaginations fuelled with stories and images of those “who have done it”.

This is what awaits participants aged 18 to 30 in the first edition of the Argentina Trophy. In a Chevrolet Corsa, a car found everywhere in Argentina and a tall vehicle which can go anywhere, they will hit the road, travelling west. Guided by compasses, road-books and a map, they’ll sometimes take the wrong track and find themselves alone with the immense South American scenery stretching out before them. Have an intoxicating taste of a unique adventure. Then meet up at the camp around local dishes. They will help each other to progress, and make sure to choose their route well, without rushing, as the competition is not won with speed, but by sticking closely to the information in the road-book. They will experience a charity day with children from the “Night Flight” charity and when everything is over, they will take a bit of time to put their adventure into words. But they will be left with just one desire: to begin all over again.

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From 27 April to 9 May, THE big adventure in Argentina takes place: desert tracks, dunes, breathtaking scenery, navigation using compasses and sometimes getting stuck in the sand too! Not forgetting camp life!

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The rally process

From the departure airport to the return flight, discover how the Argentina Trophy™ unfolds and all the stages which await you during this unique adventure.

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Participate in 2018

To take up a place in the 2nd edition of this new student rally, you must first meet the following three criteria: be aged between 18 and 30, have a driving licence and a valid passport. The next part of the story will be written at the wheel of the legendary Chevrolet Corsa…

NB: Special dispensation can be made if a potential participant is older than the maximum age.

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The Raid Argentina Trophy

A name: Argentina Trophy. A place: Argentina. A date: 27 April > 9 May 2018. A vehicle: Chevrolet Corsa. And a spirit inherited from its “big brother”, the 4L Trophy, which in 2017 celebrated its 20th anniversary. What happens next is still unknown. Everything is still to invent, to write. Think about life-changing experiences: they often involve a step into the unknown. In the immense, sumptuous South American scenery, the adventure promises to be spectacular for the pioneers who take up the challenge.

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An educational adventure

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Solidarity / Eco-citizenship

Children of the Desert, an experienced charity

Children of the Desert, set up in 2005, aims to make education accessible to all children in the south east of Morocco.

Learning to read, write and count: rights for everyone!” is the charity’s motto.

Given the correlation between health and living standards when it comes to accessing education, the charity’s main working areas have been extended in order to take a holistic approach to supporting children. The charity’s four priority areas are: education, health, sustainable development and sponsorship.

With the creation of a new long-distance rally, Children of the Desert has started to work in Argentina over the last 3 years. The charity helps disabled children in the Salta region, in partnership with the Equinoterapia Del Azul Foundation, through equine therapy.

For 10 years, the charity has fought to improve the children’s everyday lives and the results are conclusive, in both Morocco and Argentina.

Here are some examples of projects completed by the charity:

  • Building 15 schools and 8 toilet blocks at the schools
  • Creating 5 children’s gardens at nurseries and a sports ground
  • Equipping more than 200,000 children with school supplies and sports equipment
  • Monthly support for about 160 children through sponsorship
  • Organising 5 major surgical operations
  • Organising 6 medical caravans
  • Drilling 3 wells and equipping more than 60 homes with solar panels
  • €40,000 of financial support, allowing the Equinoterapia Del Azul Foundation to extend its activities and making it possible for more children to access therapies.
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A charity day in the Buenos Aires suburbs

This is one of the highlights of the adventure. As with all the rallies we organise, it was important to us to help the children in the country we were in. This is why participants in the Argentina Trophy will experience a “charity day” working with children. Désertours and the Children of the Desert charity have been working together for 10 years and so it seemed right that Children of the Desert should be responsible for this new charity project. The charity therefore made contact with several Argentine charities and decided to partner with the “Night Flight” organisation created by the family of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

This charity works in disadvantaged areas of Buenos Aires, supporting families and children experiencing difficulties. Thanks to their work since 2003, many centres have opened, meaning that a good number of families have been helped. We are counting on you, the trophyists, to write the next chapter in their story and thereby allow their work to progress even further!

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The organisers draw on their thirty years of experience in creating and organising international events which have allowed them to develop a vast media and journalist network. Before, during and after the rally, a press unit is open throughout the year for the Argentina Trophy’s media development.

On the ground, specialist logistics allow the different race content to be broadcast in real time. Each day, specialist teams produce videos, photographs and reports of each stage which are available to journalists.

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Partnering with the Argentina Trophy™ allows you:

  • To associate your image with an event conveying positive values and adapt them to fit you: Action – Sharing – Solidarity – Adventure – Pushing Boundaries – Team Spirit
  • To benefit from Argentina Trophy™ media coverage, with stickers on all vehicles, visual communications at the start, at the camps and at the finish, with the images being sent each day to the main French and Moroccan TV channels.
  • To reach your target audience via a popular communication channel: sports events. An opportunity to let people know about your points of sale.
  • To generate interest and inject dynamism into your network by organising a prize competition.
  • To thank your suppliers and clients by inviting them to the event finish line.

The above ideas are just examples. There are many ways for you as a partner to link your company to the rally and to benefit from this.

Packages have been designed, but we can also craft a tailor-made partnership together with you to be closely aligned with your strategy.

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If becoming an Argentina Trophy™ partner could be a good fit for your global company policy, if you would like to benefit from the event’s media impact, and if the passion which drives us is something you share, we invite you to contact us.

We will then send you the partnership dossier. Please don’t hesitate to state your budget: we will adapt our proposal in accordance.

We invite you to fill in the contact form below.

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Become an Argentina Trophy™ partner

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Argentina Trophy Coordination

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Tel : +33 2 23 22 46 81

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