In addition to the intensive preparation required, the best part of the Argentina Trophy remains the adventure itself! Setting off on the adventure represents a dream come true for all the participants: for 10 days, they will come together for a remarkable adventure. Sharing and mutual support are the keys to success in this challenge as the crews have to support themselves and learn to work together in order to get across the finish line!

The Argentina Trophy is a human adventure for the participants in and amongst themselves, but also a time for meeting the local population.

The Argentina Trophy values – Action, Sharing and Solidarity – are the drivers at each moment of the adventure. The rally leaves a big impression on the participants, who develop real self-reliance from taking part. More than just a race, the Argentina Trophy represents a new stage in their lives. It means increased openness and self-reliance, both indispensable in all professional fields. It is an asset which all the young people can highlight on their CV. Participating in the Argentina Trophy brings added value which is proof of all the crews’ commitment over nearly a year.