April 2017 will soon come around.

The adventure always starts with a simple choice. That moment when you high five your partner and proudly say “go” to each other.

After the decision to sign up comes preparation time. You count down the months, then the weeks and finally the days until the big departure day. This will take place on 28 April, leaving from Paris airport. The destination is Buenos Aires, where the day of the 30th will be dedicated to the usual technical, administrative and medical checks. The moment to give your Chevrolet a rally car image with your sponsors.

The big departure will take place on 1 May, for the first of four stages in the adventure which will draw to a close with the famous 2-day “marathon”. After five days on the road, the participants will finish the rally with the charity day and the closing ceremony. The return flight is planned for 8 May from Buenos Aires.